A Roll Of Film Through The Coronet

Well I eventually got around to running a roll of film through the old Coronet, I found some Fomapan 100 asa in the refrigerator (expired 2009) Loading the camera brought back some memories, shoot in bright sunlight, nothing closer than 6 feet from the camera, keep the sun behind you, wind on after every shot (no double exposure prevention) advice when this camera was contemporary. Fortunately we had a few days good weather in the UK last week  (W/C 23-02-15) so I took myself off to a local country park ( I needed the walk, starting to seize up ! ) Rattled off 12 shots and developed the film the next day, I don’t think the time spent in the refrigerator has been kind to the film, got some weird blotches in the sky area of the negatives, but 100 asa was a good choice.

img04-copy img07-copy

img09-copy img010-copy

You can see the blotches in the sky on the last two photographs quite clearly, might have been my processing technique, it’s been a long time since I processed any 120 film. The negs were scanned with minimum adjustments to get a true idea of what the camera can produce, about the same quality when I was in short trousers !

I put one of the shots through Lightroom to see what could be done to improve it.img04-copy-Edit

Slightly better but the blotches show up more.

Another acquisition

I was looking for another camera that I had in the 60’s and it came with this :-


It’s in much better condition than the 66 and has two aperture settings ! This one takes 16 shots on 120 roll film, I can feel another walk coming on.

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