Old Family Photographs (part1)

My Great Aunt (Taken in 1933 – Riga) ©

I have a large box of old family photographs (I’m sure many people have the same) that I have been meaning to scan in for sometime now. Looking through them I realised that I have no idea who some of the people are, and only one surviving relative who can hopefully tell me about them. I love the quality and style of the photographs, considering the equipment and film available at that time some of them look really good.

4 thoughts on “Old Family Photographs (part1)

  1. roykarlsvik

    Which reminds me I got some work ahead of me scanning and sorting out old photographs and find out who all them people is. Needs to be done before my father and mother starts forgetting stuff. After all I guess I might be the only one still insterested, at least until it’s too late…
    Great blog, by the way 🙂

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