Old Family Photographs (part 2)

On the Elbe (written on back of photograph)


I’m guessing this is somewhere near Lubeck in 1946/7 as that is where my parents first met.
My mum is 2nd from the left, her two sisters either side of her, she looks happy.
Wish I knew who the other people were, they look an interesting crowd.

National Dress


This is probably taken in the same area as the 1st photograph (some of the same people are in this shot) I know my mum worked in an orphanage at this time so this is probably the setting.
The national dress looks to be Latvian, they all look quite serious apart from the pastor.

2 thoughts on “Old Family Photographs (part 2)

  1. peter

    nice photo,s my mother was from riga also in lubeck meesen displaced persons camp . she met my father there. he was in the royal artillery. i am trying to find the unit he was in .there is a lot of photos in DP albums . there is a man in the photo with a uniform interesting which unit. thanks. peter


    1. conspicari Post author

      Hello Peter, I’ve since found out that the photograph was taken in Bleckede on the river Elbe, my father was in the 8th army, Essex regiment, my mums sisters met my uncles there and they were in the royal artillery I believe. I will try and find out a bit more information. I hope to visit Bleckede next year, do you still have relatives in Latvia ?



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