Franka Solida 11 (scratched film !)


I have had this camera hiding away at the back of the cupboard for years without ever using it.

It’s in quite battered condition, the rangefinder doesn’t work but the lens is clean and clear.

So I loaded it with Ilford Delta 400asa (exp 2006) from the fridge and went out for a walk to the local country park.

Ruins of Lady Jane Grey’s House

Ilford Delta 400,

Look at those scratches on the film 😦 should have cleaned the inside of the camera !!!!!

Ilford Delta 400,

Not so bad where the sky is obscured, in fact the lens is OK.

The Canal

Franka Solida 11 -1

Quite a bit sharper than the Coronet cameras, but I still like Coronets.

I have now metal polished the film transport rollers and used compressed air to clean the inside of the camera, planning a day trip out to try it again.

My Cats (not my usual kind of post)

It was such a lovely morning yesterday and my two girls followed me into the garden, they love being outdoors. They have a lot of white fur so it’s quite difficult to photograph them and they never stay still long enough for me to get an HDR shot.


Sigma DP1.

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