Olympus OM2sp, Vivitar 19mm 3.8, & Fomapan 200


I haven’t used my old Olympus for quite some time so I popped on the Vivitar 19mm, loaded up with Fomapan 200 and went for a walk around town (still without a car) The Vivitar isn’t a very sharp lens especially in the corners and it has some quite strong distortions. I wanted to photograph some doors for possible posting on the legionofdoorwhores.wordpress.com/ blog and some architecture.


You can see the distortion by the wavy lines of the tiles.


This door is very near to where they found the skeleton of King Richard 111 and the whole area is undergoing restoration, I prefer it as it is.


This tree (I believe it is a horse chestnut) next to the museum has always attracted me.

I was quite impressed with the negatives from the Fomapan 200, it was developed in Rodinal 1-50 for 9 minutes, 8 minutes would probably have given a bit more detail in the shadows. I did very little to the scans other than levels a bit of sharpening, and some spotting out of specs of dust.

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