Attempted Street Photography

I have always been nervous photographing strangers on the street but recently have mustered up a bit of courage and have been surreptitiously taking a few pictures walking around my hometown.

The first two were taken last year on my Olympus 35DC using Agfa Vista 200 at £1 a roll.

Rainbow Slush


The Best Macaroons


Vivitar Ultra wide & Slim

I picked up a little Vivitar Ultra wide & Slim brand new for £2.99p.
I figured that with it’s 22mm wide angle lens it would be good for shooting from the hip.
All taken on Agfa Vista 200 and converted to Black & White in Lightroom.

Street Music #1

This women was a good singer and I put a bit of cash in her collecting box, hence the smile.
There always seems to be a few interesting characters around when she is singing.


This little girl and her mum were listening to the singer.

Furry Animals


I shot this from the hip and it was at quite an angle so had to crop it heavily as you can see from the film grain.

Taking a Rest

Again from the hip, heavily cropped and grainy.

Sigma DP1

Street Music #2


The same street singer as before with a couple of interesting characters hanging around, I particularly liked the guy with the beard.
The Sigma is very sharp (click on image) but it’s difficult to see the screen in bright sunlight, think I need an optical viewfinder for it.
Still need to summon up a bit more nerve for street photography but I’m working on it.

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