Still Walking

Well still without a car, It’s probably not bad a thing I’m walking a lot more than I would have done if I had one.
The downside is that I am restricted on the places I can visit to take photographs, so it’s mostly my hometown.


Olympus EPL1
They must have taken down the shop sign recently to reveal Anon Records, I don’t remember this shop when it was open, strange as I am a bit of a vinyl junkie.

Keep Calm and Ceilidh

DP1_Keep Calm and CeilidhSigma DP1
Good advice !

The Kings Head

King Head

Olympus EPL1
This little carving is on the side of the cathedral where King Richard 111 is buried.

Grand Union Canal

SDIM022_7_8_9_easyHDR-Edit-EditSigma DP1 – HDR
When I was a child I grew up not far from here. It has changed so much, all the factories have gone, the Great Central Railway has disappeared and the water is no longer polluted, you can see the plant life in the foreground under the water.

Rogue Refrigerator

Rogue Refrigerator

Sigma DP1
Not sure what this refrigerator was doing out on the loose !

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