Mansfield Skylark


With a name like that I just had to put in a bid for it ! There’s not that much information on the web about the Skylark, it was apparently made by Pal in Japan mainly for the American market. The lens is a 40mm fixed focus with auto aperture and shutter speed, and there are settings for 10 – 200 asa film. I had a few rolls of Kodak TMax 100 in the fridge expired about 1992 ish. Never really got on with TMax always preferred Plus X or Tri X. I thought the TMax would be a good film to try with stand development using Rodinal 1-100 dilution.

Bowling Club

This sign for the bowling club is just around the corner from where I live and I tend to use it as a test shot for any new camera.

Horse Chestnut

My favourite tree on my walk into town.

At your convenience 

Mansfield-Skylark-#7It’s amazing what you can find tucked away. It looks like the closest focus is about 5-6 feet.

The most boring door ?

Mansfield-Skylark-#9It must be one of the most bland doors I’ve found (so far)

Contre jour (well almost nearly)


And again


Special Train

Mansfield-Skylark-#26 Not sure why this train is special but there were quite a few people photographing it.

The little Mansfield Skylark quite impressed me as did the TMax and stand development, a camera I shall certainly use again.


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