LCCC – and a visit to the eye clinic

Leicester Constitutional Club Chambers (I think !)LCCC--Leaf -Leicester Constitutional Club ChambersSigma DP1

About 6 weeks ago I went for my annual eye examination, when it came to the part of the test where they blast the eye with compressed air the optician checked my right eye about 4 or 5 times, he said the pressure in my eye was high and I needed to be referred to the eye clinic at the local hospital. Don’t worry about it he said, so I worried. Yesterday was my appointment at the clinic, while I was waiting a woman and whom I guessed was her mother sat down next to me, I struck up a conversation and it turned out we knew each other, we had both worked at the same company during the 1970’s and hadn’t seen one another since 1978 when I left to start up a printing business. I went in for my tests and it turns out I have thick corneas, which apparently is a good thing ! so it was nothing to worry about after all.

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