Battery,Turf,and New thing in town

I went on a shopping trip (cat food run) to town today and took a few images on the way.

Rolled up garden
EPL1 Turf

Open Arms

This wasn’t here last week !EPL1 New Whee l#1EPL1 New Wheel #2

Then the battery died in the camera, should have checked before I set out. I did take a film camera with me so was able to get a few more shots of the wheel.


5 thoughts on “Battery,Turf,and New thing in town

  1. roykarlsvik

    Batteries… the forever on going issue. I don’t have many cameras require that sort of things, but you can be pretty sure I have experienced the same thing a few times anyway! Nice snaps. I really liked the “Open Arms” one 🙂

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      1. roykarlsvik

        Thanks a lot 🙂 Most of my film cameras will be fully manual and no batteries needed. Some only need them for light meter reasons, but I normaly ignore that thing anyway. A few are totally dependent on batteries. I tend to use them more rarely for some reason. This blog will mix digital and film. At least that’s the intention as I look at things right now. I got another blog, film only, as well. Film only and lots of words, for some reason 🙂 I wanted to try avoid that over here, but we will see if I can manage to keep up with the good intentions… Thanks a lot for following this thing! Really appreciate it.

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