HDR and failed light seals

Lovely weather for my walk into the city today, decided to take the Sigma DP1 and shoot in HDR mode, also put my Olympus Pen EE3 in the bag with a roll of Fuji Reala 100 ( I have 20 rolls in the fridge) kept the roll in my jeans pocket to warm up and stopped on the way to load up the EE3, haven’t used the camera for ages and when I opened the back the light seals were shot, a little job for me this evening.

On the launch pad !

The City Rooms

The rear of the Corn ExchangeSDIM0999_1000_1001_easyHDR-Edit
They are building a new part to the market, demolishing a 1970’s building and giving this view of the corn exchange, really love the pipework.

Check your tyres before setting off !
I used to work in the building where this sad bike is chained, for a company called Palaeos Reproductions. They made replicas of historical artifacts for museums using fibreglass and atomised metal or stone. Problem was I used to get covered in the stuff and ended up looking like one of the reproductions :>(

And because I now have a Smartphone a picture of one of my catsWP_20160211_09_42_03_Rich-Edit
She (Fleur) was actually yawning, she’s a real sweetie, I love how she has both front paws on her tail to keep them warm.

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