Olympus OM40 (OMpc) Agfa Vista 200

I had put this camera away years ago as it had decided not to function, bored one day I cleaned the battery compartment even though it didn’t really need it, popped in some fresh button cells and it started working again. Loaded it with Agfa Vista 200 asa (£1.00p a roll) and took it into town. The mirror stuck in the up position a couple of times but loosening the battery chamber cap it dropped back down. Having looked on online this is apparently a common problem with this model. The fix is relatively simple, hold the mirror in the up position, remove two pieces of foam, the plastic cover at the bottom of the mirror box, and clean the magnetic shutter switch with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Do I have the nerve to attempt it !

Zuiko 50mm – 1.8 @ f2.8

I could do with one of these in the winter to keep my brain warm, the copper red top right looks favourite.

Excellent film processing service from http://www.filmdev.co.uk/ again.



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