Sun,Hail, Snow and a new Loo seat

I set out for town this morning in lovely sunshine, although it was a bit chilly. My main aim was to purchase a new loo seat as the old one had broken and could be quite painful if you caught it wrong !!!! Wasn’t in a photographic mood but a few things caught my eye.

New Walk SDIM1332-Edit
For a large part of my walk into the city I follow this route along New Walk, it’s traffic free and a very pleasant way to get to the city. I only found out a few years ago that it follows the path of an old Roman road.

A small space for wildlife SDIM1333-Edit
There are a few green areas along New Walk that are left for wildlife and plants.

My Favourite Tree (again) SDIM1335-Edit
This lovely Horse Chestnut Tree resides at the side of the New Walk museum in a small green area. The leaves have really come on over the last week.

Well I got my loo seat and as I was walking to the bus stop it started to snow, when I got off the bus it was hailing.

All photo’s taken with my Sigma DP1.

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