Canon T70 (Yes another camera purchase !)

Sometime ago I acquired a Canon FD 35mm 2.8 lens, I also had a Tamron AD2 FD mount. Obviously a Canon camera body was needed. So I picked up a T70 body from a dealer for £19.00p (about $27.00 – €25.00) I decided to use a camera dealer rather than an auction site as I wanted the camera to work as it should, and also have a bit of a guarantee (too many disappointments from auction sites)


The camera works fine, and is in good condition. The lens sitting in front of the camera is a Tamron 28mm 2.5, bought new a few years ago in a clearance sale at Cecil Jacobs for £20.00 including a case. We sadly no longer have any camera shops in Leicester which is a real shame considering both Cecil Jacobs and Jessops started out in the city. So I loaded the camera with a roll of Ilford Delta 400asa (expired 2008) which I found at the back of the fridge next to a jar of out of date black olives !

Hark the Herald
This one’s quite unusual in that it’s lefthand drive, the number plate is from 1965.


King Richard 111

About halfway through the roll of film I remembered that it had only been in the fridge for a couple of years. This became apparent when I developed the film as it was very dense and grainy, and needed some adjustments in PhotoShop.


6 thoughts on “Canon T70 (Yes another camera purchase !)

  1. kevinallan

    I had a T70 for many years. In the first year the part that includes the control buttons around the LCD screen fell off but I fixed it back on with sellotape and it worked like that for five years … I bought a second, mainly for a lens that came with it, but the battery compartment door wouldn’t stay shut. I can’t say I ever learned to love the push-buttons, as I prefer dials, or the spluttering noise of the autowind, but they worked just fine for very little money.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      It’s my first Canon SLR, I like the viewfinder but as you say you can’t beat dials and for me me manual wind on. The Canon lens seems very good, but the Tamron surprised as well. I will put a fresh roll of film through it and see what it’s really like.



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