Thursdays Doors

One for Thursday Doors at Norms Doors

Back Doors to the Apartments , Riga, Latvia
Olympus EPL1 – HDR


19 thoughts on “Thursdays Doors

  1. mombam

    I love the doors! I’m also obsessed with doors. There aren’t any good ones around here, just glass mall doors, lol. But I love to photograph them when I travel.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      I’m the same, Riga has some fantastic doors, and also France is a great place for them. I seem to remember (from a holiday a long time ago) there were some great doors in Taos NM. :>)


  2. Alexandra

    this is one of your trademark finds, when two things are similar but different at the same time 🙂 nicely seen… and I love the staircase detail inside the open door… 🙂

    I understand what you mean, travel inspires for taking photos, especially when you traveled to a place you are emotionally related to 🙂 and it is always more liberating to take photos at a place where noone knows you 🙂 but I enjoy very much your photowalks in your home town, so I hope you feel more inspired again soon 🙂 especially around Christmas 🙂

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