Olympus OM1n, Zuiko 50mm, Kodak Gold 200 asa, Expired 2006

Blocking My View
Olympus OM1n, Hoya 300mm, Kodak Gold 200 asa, Expired 2006

This is the distant view from my spare bedroom window, an excuse to try out my Hoya 300mm lens that I haven’t used for years. There used to be more of these housing blocks over to the left but they were demolished a few years ago. If they would only demolish the remaining four on a clear day I would have a lovely view of Bradgate Park !


6 thoughts on “Blocks

    1. conspicari Post author

      If the soldiers :>) were removed there is a lovely view of a natural park behind them, maybe one day. There are a lot of terraced houses in that area. I like that sort of house, probably because I grew up in one. Have a lovely evening.


  1. juergen61

    i like the first one : modern living in modern times…same you can see in Hamburg along the great streets…and by the way , the om 1 was my first camera , bought from my first self earned money…i was so proud…today i have to work with canon…and dream of a om 4 titan with digital full frame chip…
    kind regards, Jürgen

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  2. juergen61

    i asked them here in Hamburg (Olympus Europe Headquarter) but they said they won’t …the new em 1 will be good enough …but sorry, although i am a Olympus fan…the canon 5MK3sr is the benchmark…so i can not change…

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