Saturday walk


I was hoping the weather was going to be ok today, but no it was not to be. Undaunted I set off for the town, it was drizzling rain, the need for some exercise spurred me on. Managed a few images with the Sigma on the way, and walked 5 1/2 miles.

High Chair

The Coke Side Of Life

Window Tax
This is an old building so could have been subject to window tax which lasted until the 1850’s.

2 From The Museum Grounds


Life Will Take Hold

With The Grain

Art Deco
Something new learned today. This used to be Goddards silver polish factory built in the early 1930’s. It’s listed as an historic building so should escape the developers.

My Healthy Brunch

Avocado, hard boiled egg, a squeeze of lime and a toasted bun. Delicious and healthy, as recommended by Alexandra.

8 thoughts on “Saturday walk

    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Alexandra. Avocado and eggs are the best. Really need a camera thats better in low light, but spring will soon be here. Have a good week if you can. :>)



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