5 Days of Grey

That’s the BBC weather forecast for my part of the UK, so I thought I would cheer myself up by posting some photographs from summer 2016 in Latvia.

Lying On The Beach And Looking Up
Olympus EPL1

Beach Bums
Olympus EPL1

Flower Boot
Olympus XA – Ilford HP5+

Hopefully I will be going back to Latvia in June to visit my lovely relatives.


7 thoughts on “5 Days of Grey

  1. Alexandra

    ah, the charming ideleness of summer… love the summer bums photo lol 😀
    but this is great you are going to visit your relatives again :>)) you sounded really happy and excited when you travelled there last summer… 🙂

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  2. prior..

    that flower boot was a surprise – how cool.
    and of course looking up – even after 5 days of grey….
    our weatherman called our weather a “January Thaw” this week…
    and it has been damp, warm, and quite a thaw… but more cold next week

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