Thursday Doors – Ecclesiastical Doors

I had to dig into my archives to find some doors to post on “Thursday Doors” over at the excellent Norm 2.0 blog. The weather and light have been dull and grey here in Leicester.

Tall & Slim
You would need to be tall & slim to fit through this door at All Saints Church, Braunston, Rutland. This photo was taken on my Olympus 35DC film camera.

Sacristy Door

Precentors Door
These are both from Ely Cathedral Cambridgeshire.

Deanery Door Leicester Cathedral

Side Door Leicester Cathedral
If you look carefully at the two doors above, letters and numbers have been chalked on them, I have no idea what if anything they refer to. These were taken on 10th Jan this year one of the few bright days we have had.

Chartres Cathedral, France 2008
Chartres Cathedral is a magnificent building, and Chartres was a great overnight stop on my way back from my friends in Aquitaine.

*Sorry about the large size of some of these images, but it was before I got the sizing right for WordPress posts. 


12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Ecclesiastical Doors

  1. prior..

    well wow – you must have some amazing stuff in the archives – wow – love the one with Letters on the mail slot – but all have richness and then the ending majestic arches from Chartres- whew – that one will stay with me a while

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexandra

    gorgeous set, as always…
    lol, that tall and slip door… so it’s a church door? I guess they are figting gluttony this way lol…
    love the side door to the Leichester cathedral, with the chalk writings on it… mystery there…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Alexandra, yes but only a side door. I have put weight on over Christmas time and probably wouldn’t fit through it now lol. There were new chalk writings there when I went past today. :>)



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