Thursday Doors & Top Hats

Here’s my contribution to this weeks Thursday Doors over at Norm 2.0 blog. Some great doors over there to check out.

Top Hat Terrace
It was a bit dull this morning when I took this image, my Sigma DP1 doesn’t like dull very much

This one is from last June when it was a bit brighter

Info Board
The Terrace was built for Francis “Tanky” Smith, Detective Inspector of Leicester Borough Police in 1864, and according to the info board the heads represent the different disguises he used to apprehend criminals.

Just around the corner from Top Hat Terrace is a road of lovely houses now mostly taken over by the University of Leicester.

Gothic Look

Lovely Blue

A Bit Of Green

Great Brickwork

Well I hope you enjoy these doors, I’ve certainly learnt a bit about the city I live in by photographing them.


20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors & Top Hats

    1. conspicari Post author

      Hello. Thank you Alexandra, there are a few parts in the city that are still almost as they were, but I’m running out of places now. I will have to take a train journey (or get another Car) and visit some other towns. :>)


      1. conspicari Post author

        I understand, Look forward to seeing your future blogs. I have been trying to escape Leicester for I don’t know how long, but friends, world events, and now age has caught up with me. :>)


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