Photina Reflex

I did a quick count up of the 120 size film I had in the fridge, 24 Rolls. So thought it was time I used some of it and made a bit more space for food ! I bought the Photina in 1989 for about £18.00 from a now long gone photographic shop in Leicester. It’s in good condition but I wasn’t sure if the shutter was still ok. A roll of Ilford HP5 (expired in 2006) was loaded and a walk to Welford Road cemetery to test it out.




To focus the camera you need to turn the taking lens (lower) which is geared to the viewing lens (top). What I didn’t realise is that if you focus by turning the taking lens it is all to easy to move the shutter speed to the “B” setting.
This is at the “B” setting, I normally release the shutter button after I hear the click, so at least I got an image. I now know to focus using the viewing (top) lens and to check the shutter speed, in other words slow down. I quite like the slightly blurred image it has an old feel about it. The demineralised water certainly helped with the final rinse of the film, far fewer hickies.

The cats kept me company while I was scanning in the negatives.


11 thoughts on “Photina Reflex

  1. jeremyag

    Hello conspicari can you tell me what scanner you are using to scan 120 film. I have a scanner that is capable of scanning 35 m film but cannot find a scanner for larger in the process of making my own scanner but not sure if it going to work. I also need to scan postcard size glass plates. As always love your photos .

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you, I use an Epson V750, bought it in 2008 when I was still earning. I think most of the newer Epson scanners V550 and above are Ok, and also the Canon 9000f. Glass plates might be a problem though. :>)


  2. Squonky

    And another regular spot for me. So many wonderful monuments in there. The lady wrapping herself around the cross is one of my favourites and until fairly recently ( the last year or so) she had been totally hidden in a mountain of ivy for some years. My absolute favourite in the place can be seen a few times in the post here . Sadly I’ve not shot there on film for a while, but I do have a stack of film in the fridge and a Rolleiflex (named Helmut) who I know is eager to munch his way through it. God knows whether my Ilfosol is still any good however…

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    1. conspicari Post author

      :>) I have a Rolleiflex too, haven’t named it yet, and also have lots of film in the fridge competing for space with the food. Thank you for the link, great images there, love my Helios lens on the Olympus EPL1, another visit to the cemetery I think.

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      1. Squonky

        I mainly shoot with my various Fuji X bodies at the moment. Film gets a run out when I really want to treat myself. Processing the film is something I always find magical. However I don’t have a dark room so I develop negatives & then scan.

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      2. conspicari Post author

        Me too really, Oly EPL1 and Sigma Dp1 mostly. There is something about film though, and I’m starting to go back to it more & more just recently, scanning the negs in and a quick run through photoshop. I have half a darkroom still set up ! wouldn’t take much to reinstate it.

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