It’s only a mile away #1

It’s only a mile away, but Monday was my first visit to the Botanic Gardens. I must have driven past the place hundreds of times. The weather wasn’t very good but at least it was dry, and I needed a walk.


Brightening up a dull day_2200097-edit-edit

The Formal Garden

A Planter of Daffs

A Carpet of Crocus


10 thoughts on “It’s only a mile away #1

      1. Alexandra

        cool, am lookin forward to the rest of the images 🙂
        btw, I have never visited the botanical garden in Sofia just like you, have prolly been to that part of the city a million times…

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  1. Joanne Sisco

    oooh – I love the carpet of crocuses. It’s my favourite part of hiking in the spring and finding the forest floor covered in trilliums, or bluebells, or even dandelions. It’s the explosion of colour after months of grayness 🙂

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