Thursday Doors


A few doors for the excellent “Thursday Doors” blog over at Norm 2.0

The weather has been it’s usual (not good) in my part of the UK. Today has been really stormy and I’m now missing a few fencing panels :>(

So this will be an eclectic mix from the archives.

Purple #1
Almost a selfie

Purple #2

Blue #1


Blue #2
Tucked away and forgotten

Aztec ?
One from last week, It reminded me of Aztec architecture, but that could just be me !

24 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. ianbcross

    Bradgate park looking lovely in your header. I like the shots around the Curve. The pink door (I think) used to be a notorious sex club, just across from the Curve in the direction of the train station?
    It had a “blue room” which was actually pitch black, where everyone took off their clothes and did whatever with whoever. I often used to imagine what if you went in and ended up coupling with your own wife without knowing who it was! I think it shut down shortly after the Curve opened up.
    Sorry if I lowered the tone. I’ll get my coat…

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thanks Ian, you are absolutely correct about about the door opposite the Curve, but I didn’t want to mention it’s salubrious past :>) I miss going out to Bradgate Park, I’m without a car at the moment, my last one was totaled outside my house !


      1. conspicari Post author

        Not drunk, first drive with his mum after passing his test ! Had a courtesy car for a while but struggling to find a decent not too expensive car at the moment. Having said that the walking is doing me good.


      1. Alexandra

        w stands for weekend lol :)) (sorry)… it’s spring-like here finally, and I may be going to Greece for the w/e… whatever the weather there, hope you enjoy it and take a walk take some pictures… 🙂

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      2. conspicari Post author

        Greece, you are lucky, I have been to Crete two times, but many years ago, would love to go to mainland Greece and tour around. Not sure what I’m doing this year, my Latvian family are busy in June/July so I will have to wait until August. :>)


  2. Joanne Sisco

    While all the doors are great (especially the blue door with the detailing above), it’s the first photo I keep going back to. What a great photo capturing that purple light. I’m so impressed you got that crispness in a handheld shot!

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      1. conspicari Post author

        :>) Editing software like Lightroom or ON1 can really make a difference, but a fairly steep learning curve, although there are lots of good tutorial video’s online.

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