It’s only a mile away #3

Here are a few shots on film from my visit to the Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks ago. I took the Olympus OM1n together with 50mm and 24mm Zuiko lenses. The film was  Rollei Superpan 200, first time I’ve used this emulsion, apparently it can have a near infrared look when the lighting permits (sunshine) so ever the optimist I used Red and Green filters on the lenses to see what they would give, of course the day was fairly dull ! I developed the film in Rodinal which due to it’s age has now acquired the colour of a mature burgundy wine, but it worked really well.

Main House (very grand)
50mm and Green filter

Take a Seat 
Definitely a touch of the infrared, 50mm and Green filter

Bare Branches
Got that infrared glow, 24mm with Red filter

Modern Sculpture
50mm and Green Filter

The Wave
24mm and Red filter

24mm Red filter

Looking forward to better weather so I can use some more of this film.


16 thoughts on “It’s only a mile away #3

  1. ianbcross

    I think the main house is part of Beaumont Hall. The wooden seats are dedicated to people who loved the Botanicals. They cost about £500 each. The brick pillars with the pergola and wisteria – unfortunately, a few years ago, one collapsed and hit a student on the head, who died. Freak accident. There is usually great frogspawn in the pond. Later in the year, they have sculpture exhibitions in the Botanicals, always interesting and often bizarre. Great pictures as usual.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thanks Ian, yes it’s Beaumont Hall, lovely old building, unfortunately the tea room will only be open for special events, have to take a flask with me. Will look out for the frog spawn and the sculpture exhibitions, thanks for the info. :>)

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  2. jesh stg

    My favorite is the blue door with all the stained glass!
    I smiled at the brown-green (garage?) door. They may have thought the big door was too big, or it was a rolll-up door that broke, Great captures!

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  3. Squonky

    I’m often to be found wandering around here of a weekend. It’s very close to home for me and there’s always something to grab my attention through a viewfinder.

    It has been a couple of years now since they put on a sculpture exhibition over the summer which is a great shame as it’s something I looked forward to every year. It was great to see the art of course but also great to have interesting sculptures to take photos of.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      The film came out good, I really like it, wasn’t sure if the developer was still OK. I will be using more of it when hopefully the weather picks up. :>)



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