Thursday Doors


Managed a short visit to Oakham in Rutland this week, ( the weather forecast was reasonable and it’s only two stops down the line from my hometown. It’s been a long time since I visited Oakham for sightseeing, used to go there 2 or 3 times a month for business when I still worked. It’s a lovely old market town and most importantly has a fine selection of doors for my contribution to the excellent Norm 2.0 “Thursday Doors” Blog.

Oakham Cemetery
You can see the cemetery from the railway as you enter Oakham, it looked interesting so went straight there from the station. I know it’s not really a door but it’s a lovely building and entrance way. The lodge is Grade-II listed.

Oakham Cemetery Chapel

On the High Street

Partial selfie !

The Dentists Door !

Can’t have too many Blue doors.

All Saints Church

The Post Office

From The Side Streets



There are some lovely cottages along the side streets, a lot of them are constructed from the local stone and many have thatched roofs. Really enjoyed the visit to Oakham.


36 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Joanne Sisco

    A lovely selection of doors with lots of interesting details … like the ER 1954 over the post office, and the double doorknob on the dentist’s door. I do like the symmetry of the Oakham Cemetery looking through the arch to the chapel behind it. Nice!

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thanks Joanne, I liked the ER door, it’s a proper post office, not many of those left now. The cemetery really caught my eye, took some b&w film shots too, hope they come out. “Happy Easter” :>)

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  2. Pistachios

    A really lovely collection here! Oakham looks like a very pleasant place.
    I like the symmetry on that photo of the cemetery chapel, but initially I thought it was one of those mirrored images. Good thing I took a second look!

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  3. Squonky

    The cemetery chapel shot is a real jaw dropper and lots of interesting and colourful doors too. I used to visit Oakham quite regularly with my dad but I hadn’t been in ages until I visited the castle last summer, not long after it reopened following refurbishment.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      I hadn’t been there for ages either, saw the chapel and cemetery from the train on my way to Stamford last month, knew I had to visit. What band did you go and see last week ?


      1. Squonky

        Yes, I was at The Donkey on Thursday night. Every second Thursday of the month is “Status Trio” night. I usually really enjoy those evenings so I think it was just me being out of sorts. Also I often end up with the only people I know in the place being on stage leaving me as Billy No Mates. Sometimes I’ll take a camera along and it might well be that if I had done so that evening I might have stayed longer. I left in time to get the five to ten bus home only for said bus to sweep straight past me as if I wasn’t there. Fortunately it’s only about two miles walk home but I would have been rather more disgruntled if I had a big old bag of camera kit with me 🙂

        Happy to add Oakham to my Places To Shoot list. It doesn’t take long to get over there and there’s Rutland Water nearby too. That day last summer I also visited Hambleton and walked right to the end of the peninsular where I stood and stared over to Normanton church with boats sailing by every now and again. It made a lovely afternoon.

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      2. conspicari Post author

        That’s not nice when the bus blazes straight passed, not surprised you weren’t happy. I’m at The Donkey on Sunday eve, it’s national book day and a friend of mine is reading there, afterwards it’s music with Marrakesh Express ( John Butler) Will stay for a while for the music. I’m still looking for a car, missing trips out to Bradgate and the Outwoods.


  4. Squonky

    With The Donkey it always feels like I have a lot of decisions to make. If I’m not going to have beers then I can drive and this makes taking camera kit there a bit easier / safer. But then I miss out on beers 😦 But it is only about 2 miles from home so it feels a bit lazy to drive it. Also the bus tends to be a) unreliable! and b) relatively expensive for the distance covered. Marrakesh Express sound like my kind of thing. No idea what plans there are for this weekend yet so I’ll keep it in mind.

    I’m probably overdue a trip to Bradgate too for that matter. I heard they had a scrub fire there a couple of weekends ago. Part of me wanting to go and see how bad it is and part of me not wanting to, if you know what I mean?

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    1. conspicari Post author

      I’m always reluctant to take a camera with me when the drinking of beer is involved, falling over or simply forgetting to pick it up worries me ! but will probably take one on Sunday to photograph my old friend. Yes I heard they had a fire Bradgate, I know what you mean, hopefully it hasn’t done too much damage.


  5. reocochran

    I enjoyed the wide variety of doors! I particularly liked the entrance to the cemetery and the tiny image of the chapel captured in the arch.
    The blues, greens and red door were pretty. The double wooden entrance of the All Saints Church and the Post Office doors were lovely. Smiles, Robin

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