Thursday Doors


I’ve not really been anywhere for photographing doors over the last week. The weather apart from a few days has been cold and dull and when the sun was shining I was catching up on garden chores or going to see some bands playing, which inevitably involves drinking beer :>)

Here are a few doors for Norm 2.0 ‘s excellent “Thursday Doors” blog. I’ve been collecting examples of original domestic doors, there aren’t that many left nowadays, most being replaced by plastic or aluminum. The one I forgot to take a photo of is my own !

Columns, Portholes, and Stained Glass

Plain But Original

The One On The Left I Think

1930’s I Would Guess

As It Was Built

And A Grand One To Finish With

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. jesh stg

    The first and the last are my top choices:) The first mainly because because of the beautiful stained glass, and the last …may be the beautiful brickwork around the door. Great views here!

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thanks Ian, Victoria Park Road, I wondered what the significance of Montello was, nearest I could get was a region/hill in Italy, or possibly an Italian business connection in Leicester.



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