Thursday Doors


I’m a little bit late posting, went out for a few beers with some old friends last night, didn’t get back home until 12.45am.

Anyway here’s my contribution to Norm 2.0’s excellent “Thursday Doors” blog.

The weather on Tuesday was really good, so I set off for a walk to town on a different route to the one I normally take. I wanted to photograph some Georgian doors near to Leicester Prison ! (fondly known as Leicester Castle)

Leicester De Montfort Hall

Before heading to the prison area I stopped off at De Montfort Hall, the flowers in the grounds looked really good considering the bad weather we have had over the last few weeks. I’ve seen some great bands at this venue over the years, Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, Eric Clapton and Kraftwerk to name just a few. 

This place is being refurbished so I was glad I got this shot.

This used to be the Norwich Union Insurance offices, it’s now been refurbished and turned into apartments.

Heading towards the prison area I spotted this rather nice plaque.





There seemed to be a huge difference in the condition of the properties in this area.

And To Finish With
I’m sure I read somewhere that this building used to originally be a Harmonium manufactures premises, but I can’t find the information so I could be completely wrong. 

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. ianbcross

    Lovely doors lit by the sunshine. Would the guards on the gate be offended if you took a picture of the doors at Leicester Prison? I used to go there every Monday morning to do an STD clinic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joanne Sisco

    A great collection of doors – so many blue ones! Something I don’t see a lot. I hope when they’re finishing refurbishing *Abel* they leave the wonderful entrance and the gorgeous door with the round window unchanged.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. reocochran

    The door that was going to be refurbished is stunning with the wooden door, stained glass unique window with circular center. I liked the layers of white overhangs and pillars. Smiles, Robin

    Liked by 1 person


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