Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Dual #3

I was just congratulating myself last week for going about four years without having a cold or flu, so foolish. Friday the throat started to feel sore, got a really annoying dry cough, and an aching head, so I have now got Man Flu. At least I’ve got a film to process if I’m going to have to stay indoors, and some old negs I’d like to scan. 

I wondered if the Ricoh Shotmaster would be any good for street photography, I’m never sure about autofocus cameras when shooting from the hip. There was a continental market in the town a few weeks ago, the weather was good so I thought I would give it a try.

Face In The Crowd

What You Doing
I was pleasantly surprised, I’m sure the bright light helped as the camera would have stopped down to give a good depth of field.

My Nurse Maid ! (Mimi)


4 thoughts on “Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Dual #3

  1. Jim Grey

    I see plastic cameras like this around all the time and have decided the whole lot are not worth my time. But the color and sharpness from this one are terrific. Have I painted this class of camera with too broad a brush?

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    1. conspicari Post author

      The Ricoh really surprised me with the quality it produced. Most metal cameras are fetching high prices in the UK now so I thought I’d give the Ricoh a go. The images would probably be a touch sharper but I had to use digital ICE on the scanner (High Street photo store processing).My Coolscan does a really good job at getting the best out of the negs.



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