Autumn and the Sigma


It’s dull, grey, and blowing a gale in my part of the UK today. Was thinking about going out and taking some autumnal images, oh well. Plus side is that Mimi one of my lovely cats is curled up on my lap purring, keeping my blood pressure steady, and my legs warm, symbiotic. It’s also given me some time to have a good look at the Sigma X3F software for processing images from the Sigma DP1 camera. I’ve always just imported them into Lightroom and processed from there but never been totally happy with the results. Here are a few images put through the Sigma software, I still have a lot to learn, but the results are encouraging.

These were taken on October 3rd on a quick walk to the town.




Taken on a Canon “Sureshot Classic 120” film camera


13 thoughts on “Autumn and the Sigma

  1. Frank Lehnen

    Aaaaah, cats should be reimboured b social security! They do miracles for blood pressure and help to keep us remembering our place in the world…. as their slaves!

    I’ve always been intrigued by those Sigma Merrills… slow, battery hogs, strange looking but the results just amazing. If I didn’t shoot film only….. hmm

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Very true, my two cats are great companions. The Sigma I have is the DP1 non Merrill, but with the right subject can turn out really good results. I’m shooting more film again now, there’s something about a film camera.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Frank Lehnen

        There sure is…. digital never gave me that little kick I get from developing a roll of film.

        Ah yes, that DP1 gives great results!

        And as for cats, I’m happy I my wife let me have one… working on the second though…😉

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