Went out for a walk with my photo buddies a couple of weeks ago, of course the weather was dull and threatening rain, but we weren’t going to let that stop us. We walked (interspersed with a coffee stop) down to the Grand Union Canal. I was using my Konica Lexico 70W, a nicely made 28-70mm compact film camera. The film was Kodacolor 200 expired in 2001, wasn’t expecting too much, but apart from some colour shifts it was OK.

I’m guessing the lens was wide open because of the lighting conditions.

6 thoughts on “Teasel

  1. prior..

    How cool to use film that was expired – last year I saw a camera with packs of film at a thrift store and contemplated buying it – and thought no way – seeing this post makes me wonder if it would take this good of photos

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    1. conspicari Post author

      In varying degrees, old slide film tends to be the worse, often giving the image a very blue tone. But thankfully (for me) colour print film is not so bad. 🙂



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