Well for me personally that is. I reached the grand old age of 65 yesterday !!!!! can’t believe it, my brain doesn’t, only the aches and pains and a glance in the mirror bring it home. Today I was in a reminiscing mood, looking through old photographs and negatives, thinking about my mum and dad and old friends.

Mum & Dad (1945)

Me about 1968 (school Photo)
Doing my best to look like one of the Beatles, attempting to grow a moustache, and sporting a teenage zit !


50 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. mombam

    I threw away all my teenage pictures in a fit of something many years ago. All I have is a couple of angsty shots my dad saved. Congrats on the birthday. I had mine a couple of months ago. The upside is Medicare, lol. At least until they gut it so the 1% can keep even more. Sigh.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      I don’t have many photo’s, wish I had some when I had long hair in my hippie era. For me it’s receiving the state pension, it’s not a lot but will make a difference. I guess we are lucky in the uk (at the moment) as we have national healthcare.


      1. Alexandra

        yeah, yeah, definitely George Harrison πŸ˜€
        so you remember me? I wasn’t sure, it’s been a while! we are good now, thank you! πŸ™‚
        have a wonderful w’/e, conspicari!

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  2. juergen61

    Happy birthday from me too ! 65 is not a year …from now on you get younger every year..(in Germany we have a poplar song : with 66 the life starts again, buy a Harley and a guitar and don’t go to the hairdresser….
    Best regards, JΓΌrgen

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