Infrared & Reminiscing


Looking through some old negatives I came across a Kodak Infrared film that I hadn’t scanned in. There were some problems with the negs, mainly underexposure, it was November, and it had snowed overnight, the previous day being bright and sunny. 1990 I think, when I took these images near Settle North Yorkshire. They were having a French week in the town with lots of French food and Cajun bands playing in the pubs. I was up there for a photo beer weekend with former work friends. It brought back some really good memories.

Up On The Moors



Even though Kodak HIE infrared could be difficult to use (you had to load/unload the film in total darkness and keep it in the film canister when not in the camera) I really liked some of the images it could produce.


15 thoughts on “Infrared & Reminiscing

  1. mombam

    I love black and White IR. It is a difficult beast but rewarding. These are beautiful. I wouldn’t have thought snow would come out so pretty, but since I never see snow what do I know? I’ve recently found a bunch much of old negatives mostly from the 90s and been scanning them in. It’s full of surprises.

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  2. kellyblackdog

    Well done. I’ve recently acquired a roll of HIE and I’m looking forward ti trying it out. I’ve played around with Rollie IR and SFX, but these films don’t reach as far into the IR part of the spectrum as the HIE. Do you recall what you used to develop the HIE? And how you exposed it?

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      1. kellyblackdog

        Interesting. So you got great results with just a dark red filter. The modern films (SFX and Rollie) require at least a 720nm filter. Thanks.

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      2. conspicari Post author

        Yes a Red 25A in bright sunshine, it also has the benefit of being able to focus without removing the filter. I’ll see if I noted the dev times down, although the massive dev chart still gives times for lots of developers.


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