Places I’ll Never Forget #6 (Part 2)


Isle of Eigg – Inner Hebrides – Scotland

On The Sgùrr
The views from the top of the Sgùrr are breathtaking, it’s worth the climb. In the distance is the island of Rum, it’s a nature reserve and quite wild. I could imagine from it’s shape the time 60 million years ago when it was an active volcano.

Looking Towards Laig Bay

Laig Bay
The beach on Laig Bay is also known as Singing Sands, when you walk on the beach you hear a high pitched noise, something to do with the quartz in the sand.

There are lots of rock pools to explore and because it is on the gulf stream you can find coconut seeds and other exotic things. When I was there a Portuguese man O war jelly fish had been washed up.

Ever Changing Light

Cottage – Cleadale
There are some lovely cottages and crofts on the island, quite a few are holiday lets.

Scottish Bluebells 


I hope one day to get back to Eigg for a holiday.


24 thoughts on “Places I’ll Never Forget #6 (Part 2)

      1. LensScaper

        That’s interesting. I have a Nikon Coolscan V ED. I haven’t used it for a few years partly because Nikon had stopped updating software and I am a Mac user with a newer laptop now. Are you having any difficulties with software for it?

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      2. conspicari Post author

        Yes. I’m on windows 10 and run it in compatible mode for Windows Vista, works most of the time. When it decides to be awkward I use Vuescan but prefer Nikon Scan as I can more easily get a neutral scan. I think it’s a poor show by Nikon for not updating the software, but I guess they need to sell more DSLR’s to keep in business.


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