Possibly The last Image From The Sigma


Before venturing into town this morning I checked my Sigma DP1, enough power in the battery, was the memory card in the camera ! When I switched it on everything worked except I couldn’t see anything through the lens, it was as if the lens cap was on. Information was on the screen, I could view photo’s on the memory card, but can’t capture an image. It’s had a lot of use and I bought it secondhand, so I’m not too upset. I’ll email Sigma UK tomorrow to see if it can be serviced. 

Soft Touch Arts Pop Up Cafe
This is a great cafe that gives vulnerable young people and adults cooking and catering experience, with all income going directly back to supporting the charity’s cooking and catering projects.



19 thoughts on “Possibly The last Image From The Sigma

  1. Squonky

    I spotted these guitars on my walk along here today. It appears to be a work of art called “Wings”. I snapped a photo of the flyer describing how it came about (https://flic.kr/p/DPPM92) . I couldn’t get a great shot of the guitars myself as the place was closed. Sounds like another interesting place I need to explore.

    I do hope there’s something which can be done for your DP1.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      They are a friendly bunch in the pop up cafe, and the food is good. I rested the sigma on top of the gates to get the shot, the camera (me) didn’t quite get the focus where I had intended.



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