Back To 1969


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On the last but one PhotoWalk with my photo buddies I wanted to have a look at the factory where I started my very first job on the 4th of August 1969. I was taken on as an apprentice Lithographic Printer at Hodgkins-Millar & Co, with a weekly wage of £5-0-3d.  Looking at the building seems it to have taken on new and varied uses !

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The car at the bottom of the driveway in the picture is where I would park my Francis Barnett motorbike. After the first week of work I wanted to go back to school, loading an A1 size press with heavy art paper was hard work, not to mention the many paper cuts on my hands, they gave me a pair of linen gloves so that I didn’t mark the paper with blood from the paper cuts. Needless to say I stuck it out but within 3 months I was working for a different company as an apprentice Litho Platemaker (a step up).

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The view looking across the road. It was always an industrial part of the city, with plenty of old shops, characterful pubs, and Victorian factories, not so much today, the pubs and shops have been demolished and the area is a bit rundown. I took the photographs on my Minolta X700 using Kodak Tri-X, a film I haven’t used for many years.

My helpers, supervising my work this morning.

21 thoughts on “Back To 1969

  1. alstamatiouphotographies

    Interesting photo walk. As for the helpers it is amazing lol. The first aprooves and takes a nap. The second one looks for something else 🙂 Cute cats

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  2. Heide

    “… they gave me a pair of linen gloves so that I didn’t mark the paper with blood from the paper cuts.” WOW. I’m glad you’re looking at *that* episode in hindsight! And at the risk of parroting your other lovely readers: Your “helpers” are adorable. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. conspicari Post author

      That was nothing compared to the initiation ceremony they said I had to go through, unbeknown to me they had banned it the year before 😥 My furry friends are a great comfort, and bring a smile to my face everyday.

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  3. Ogden Fahey

    I had a job at ASDA a few yrs back shelf staking, I got so many paper cuts the white coat they gave me was covered in little red smears, weird! Not sure what caused it now, I think it was plastic packaging, I worked so fast, I think maybe cos the produce was cold fridge stuff like sausages and so on. Anyhow, I can say I gave my blood for ASDA! 🙂

    Got to love those printing jobs, I worked in that trade many years, screen print specifically, got to love the cats too! Got a particularly lazy one on my lap right now! LOL 😀

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  4. Alexandra

    so interesting to read a little bit about you 🙂 love the photos, great and clean compositions… tho the buildings are a bit what I’d imagine Charles Dickens would be inspired from to write a gloomy Victorian novel :))
    aww, I also need helpers like that, or I’ll never get my work done today (browsing through blogs lol 🙂

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Alexandra, a lot of the old city was demolished in the 1960’s, there were some lovely old buildings but it was all about modernisation at that time. 🙂



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