Thursday Doors


The weather here in the UK has not been very good over the last week, today it’s -3C / 27F, grey and snowing with a 23mph wind blowing, so I’m staying indoors with the cats. I have had to raid my Doors Archive folder for this “Thursday Doors” post over at the excellent Norm 2.0 blog, do check it out.

Railway Doors

A Cup Of Tea !
While most people stick to photographing the steam trains I like to wander around the storage areas.

This one is shot on film at the main station in town.

Around The Town
I think this is the entrance ! another film camera shot.

A Touch Of Egyptian
This old factory door seems to have an Egyptian style about it.

The next two were from a PhotoWalk with the PhotoBuddies two weeks ago.

At The Top Of Constitution Hill

And Just Opposite


20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors

  1. Dr Alfred Prunesquallor

    Great pictures, as always. I wonder if the railway carriage doors of your first few photos were taken at Vic Berry’s scrapyard on Western Boulevard? The old Great Central Railway Braunstone Gate Goods Yard when the railway connected Leicester to Marylebone? If so, the photos must be over 25 years old.

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  2. Norm 2.0

    Love that blue “entrance” door. I hope the weather gets better soon. We’re used to those temps, in fact we’d consider it downright mild for February. However, when it’s not something you’re prepared or equipped for it can be quite difficult to deal with.

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