Midnight Visitor – Roller Skating


I was just getting ready to go to bed when I heard the cat door open, my two cats shot up and slinked towards the hall. I switched off all the electrical appliances, picked up my phone and headed to the kitchen.

And was greeted by this lovely little cat standing by the food bowls, a bit spooked at first but I spoke softly and gently and was allowed a quick pet which was reciprocated by purring. I think I know this cat, when my 2 first put in an appearance in the garden in 2008 they were often accompanied by a a small black & white cat, who on one occasion dropped a mouse (meal) in front of Fleur (my mother cat) I’m pretty sure it’s a male. I really hope he’s got a home, he looks reasonably well fed, and I don’t mind giving him a bit of food when he comes to visit.

Roller Skating
Well we all met up at the Roller Skating rink last Friday, quite an experience !!!! It was Roller Disco night. I was expecting to glide out serenely on to the floor and whizz around effortlessly, ha. I’m used to skating on wooden or hard stone floors, this one was vinyl tiles, it felt weird, and slow, and why didn’t anyone tell me that your feet get wider when you get older, so I had to come in and take a pair of socks off. Managed to fall over 3 times, all the youngsters just skated around me completely oblivious. My skates felt strange seeming to go quickly and then abruptly slow down, I think the bearings which were slightly rusty are past their best. Not going to give up though, a new pair of skates (wider fitting) and some practise, as it’s such good exercise, and surprisingly I didn’t ache too much the next day. Stay tuned.


18 thoughts on “Midnight Visitor – Roller Skating

  1. Manja Mexi Movie

    Well done. 🙂 And a great photo. I used to roller skate quite a lot, but I was 13 or so, and to try again now would need a loooot of coaxing. In the meantime I tried rollers once or twice (with wheels in one line) and wasn’t too impressed at how wooden I was.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Haven’t tried inline skates yet, new skates or new wheels for my old ones for now. When I got up this morning the little cat was waiting in the kitchen for his breakfast !!!!!!! 😺

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    1. conspicari Post author

      No troubles with raccoons here in the uk 🙂 but plenty of stray cats. Yes he is really cute and has a lovely nature, calls in for breakfast most mornings.


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