Blooming Rhododendrons and Midnight Visitor Update


We have had some reasonable weather (at last) over the past few weeks and the garden has really burst into life. I think the huge amount of rain earlier in the year has really benefited my Rhododendron. It’s quite difficult to photograph, but with a combination of the Sigma DP1 and Olympus E620 I managed to get a few images.


I put my old Tamron macro lens on the Olympus via an adaptor, It’s tricky to focus as the viewfinder on the Olympus is a bit small and the depth of field very shallow.

The Bee’s love it.


I tried the 1 to 1 adaptor on the lens and photographed a few of the plants around the garden.

The Humble Dandelion


The Bells
With Spider


Backlit Leaves


Midnight Visitor
My midnight visitor comes in every day now for his breakfast or tea, quite often both. He’s such a sweet little cat, today he was a bit dusty. I’m still not sure if he has a home of sorts, but someone must be feeding him as he is at least 9 years old. Of course he might be a (click link) “Six Dinner Sid” but I don’t mind.

2 thoughts on “Blooming Rhododendrons and Midnight Visitor Update

  1. jesh stg

    Have a Tamron but the zooming mechanism broke – and I miss that lens sorely! There was a Rhododendron (pink) on the property we once rented, that was ca. 10 feet high. Love that bush for their abundance of flowers

    Have seen your “likes” regularly lately. Thank you! The problem is time – I have barely enough to reply to the comments, and regretfully the “anonymous” likes fall by the wayside. If you like me to respond, please let me know in a comment:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. conspicari Post author

      I understand your time constraints, I have the dubious luxury of being retired, so don’t worry about replies. I enjoy reading your blog posts and looking at your images.



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