Canyonlands, Kodachrome, 92


These photo’s were taken on my first visit to the USA in 1992 on Kodachrome film. I was so amazed at the scenery and the big skies. The images were taken in Moab and Canyonlands NP, a fantastic area to visit.

Downtown Moab
Image12 2x

Image18 2x

Image15 2x

The colours have shifted a little with time, but it’s so good to have a record of this trip.

All images were taken on my Olympus OM2n with Zuiko 24mm, 2.8 lens, which is still working today.


13 thoughts on “Canyonlands, Kodachrome, 92

  1. Frank Lehnen

    Wonderful memories!

    Now can anyone show his 26 years old digital photos… no, that was a bad joke!

    This makes me think of my dear boxes of Kodachrome slides from my youth… all unfortunately lost now

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  2. conspicari Post author

    It’s true, could be difficult to view digital images in 26 years. Shame that you lost your Kodachromes. I have some slides from 1966 from a school trip to Germany, Denmark, and Sweden !!!!

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  3. Heide

    To this viewer’s eyes at least, the color shift makes the images even more appealing! Wonderful composition on that last one especially …

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  4. Manja Mexi Movie

    I was only in the USA one time for a couple of weeks, in LA and SF, for Christmas. Upon arrival I was so shocked that I couldn’t take a single photo for days. In Venice Beach it opened up, we were having pizza on the grass and I took some photos through my new orange-tilted glasses that made everything green bizarrely vibrant. And that was without any drugs.

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