Fomapan 400


Have been experimenting a bit with Fomapan 400, using different developers and filters.

Abbey Park
Image14 copy
Olympus OM40, 24mm Zuiko lens, and Red filter, developed in Fomadon LQR. I almost always had a Red filter permanently attached to my lenses in the past as I had a liking for contrasty  Black & White images. I put this down to having worked in the Printing industry all my working life, and litho printed images by the nature of the process were quite contrasty. The Red filter in this image has darkened the sky and foliage and given some detail to the stonework on the bridge.

Image9 copy
Olympus OM40, 28mm Zuiko lens, and Green filter, developed in Fomadon LQR. The Green filter lightens the leaves and foliage, it can look quite dream like with certain subjects.

I’m quite impressed with the Fomadon LQR developer and Fomapan 400 film, Kodak D76 developer does a great job too. For me one of the enjoyable parts of film photography is experimenting with different films and developers. Yellow and Orange filters next time, and it’s a good excuse to visit Abbey Park again.


20 thoughts on “Fomapan 400

  1. Heide

    Wonderful experiments! Both images are lovely — but I like that tree especially because of the lovely effect you were able to create on the foliage with the filter.

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      1. Shminke

        I need to go to Spb then 😀 It’s not so far away. I have a cyanotype kit by Silberra. It’s good. I didn’t try developers or films, so I can’t say anything about it more.

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      2. Frank Lehnen

        A problem I find with it too! But after scanning I just tweak the contrast slider a bit… makes me like it.

        Of course if you like your film contrasty out of the box, Tri-X or HP5 are better choices

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      3. Shminke

        Unfortunately, this thing won’t work for me. I have sheet film and I want to use it for contact printing. I’d like to use different film but there is not much sheet films of 9×12 size. Well, then I had to live with it 😀

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