Back in the Saddle


I haven’t been out on my lovely Marin MTB for at least 18 months. So this morning I got everything ready (water, banana, and new padded shorts!) and set off. The first group of people I encountered were school kids taking there cycling proficiency tests, they all shouted “hello”, and “look at him”, probably didn’t think anyone of my age would still be cycling, as I signalled to turn right the instructor said “now that’s how you do it”, gold star for me.

First Stop

This is an old Aerodrome (still operating today) that used to put on airshows in the 1980’s, one of the main sponsors was a printing company that I knew and I got VIP tickets, and food and beer in their hospitality tent.

Farm Track  
Turned off onto a farm track, it has some steep descents and is a lot rougher than the last time I rode down it. I was travelling at quite a speed (24 mph according to my phone app) when I saw a marker rope across the track, just managed to stop in time, it was there for the dairy cows going back to their field after milking. 


Being sensible I took a shortish route this time out, 8.8 miles (14km) instead of the 18 miles (29km) last time I went out, and which left me aching for days. As I neared home the kids were still taking their cycling tests, and I got a “hello again” from them, probably amazed I had made it back in one piece. I really enjoyed the short ride and feel much better for it.

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