Olympus OM2sp – Rollei Superpan #1


Had my Olympus OM2sp serviced at Luton Camera Repair last month as the film wind on was misbehaving. They did a great job with it, replacing all the foam light seals, checking the electronics, and re tensioning the shutter. The camera felt really good so I took with me on a walk to the local arboretum. It was a really hot humid day, but there were some nice clouds about.

Path To The Arboretum 

Most of the images were taken using 24mm Zuiko, and 50mm Zuiko lenses, using a Red or R72 Infrared filter

Trees & Clouds


Through The leaves

The film has given the Fir a bit of a surreal look.

Step Up

I’ll post some more shots from this roll over the next few days.


13 thoughts on “Olympus OM2sp – Rollei Superpan #1

  1. Vince Curletta

    Ok – so how long were the exposures, generally? I would think they must have been several seconds. I want to try this again. I tried a while back with some Ilford SFX 200 – but my exposures were off. Have you ever used the Ilford?

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    1. conspicari Post author

      It was a really bright day so the exposures were not too bad, 1/4 – 1 sec, used a tripod for most of them with the self timer. Have used SXF a few times with a Red No.25 filter, got some nice results. The Rollei Superpan is a really thin based film and can be very difficult to load on the spiral, Ilford is much easier.

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  2. Sue (Mac's Girl)

    Thanks for sharing these. I’ve enjoyed following your posts and looking at the fine results that you get from film. I have to admit that what intrigued me the most this time was the fact that you took your camera to Luton Camera Repair. I didn’t realize that you were so close to my old home town of Dunstable.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you, it’s a bit of a labour of love for me with the Rollei film. Used good old Royal Mail to send the camera off, I live about 70 miles away from Luton, but good camera repairers are few and far between, and these specialise in Olympus.

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