Bike Ride Deflation


Thought I would go out on a bike ride last Sunday as I felt a bit unfit and my road bike needed an outing, I haven’t used it for well over a year. The road bike should be easier on tarmac than the mountain bike I reckoned, but It was hard work on the way back, I put it down to my fitness level until I looked at the bike this morning and found the rear tyre was flat. A slow puncture I guess, it would be the rear wheel of course. Despite that the ride was good as was the weather, the countryside had green’d up nicely after the recent rain.


Wild Flowers


It’s great to see an area left for wildflowers beside the crops, the insects and wildlife must really benefit.

Kings Norton, My Favourite Rest Stop


Horse Chestnut

14 thoughts on “Bike Ride Deflation

  1. juergen61

    cool bike, but for nature ? …ok, good luck…15 years ago the tire of my race bike gave up…15 holes….bought a mountain bike later ( yety, handmade in Colorado) and today i ride a intense…never a hole again 🙂
    Good luck and drive well, best, Jürgen

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  2. juergen61

    🙂 My son won the last race and told me its time to buy an e-bike….NEVER….if you like go back to my blog to 15 juli 2013 , the privat jet story…there is a picture of my full suspension intense…much expensive and very good…for old men 🙂
    Best, Jürgen

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  3. juergen61

    Two years ago i lost control during a downhill…and there was a tree just in my trail…ok, i wake up in the hospital and had to stay two weeks…the bike was ok, nothing happened …now i know who is stronger …and with the e-bike…you are so right, full agree 🙂

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    1. conspicari Post author

      It’s a lovely old church, I met the church warden a couple of years ago and he showed around, quite plain but calm inside. I quit smoking completely about 5 years ago, feel so much better now, can’t believe I smoked 20 a day 😮

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