Autumn Arboretum #2


I was hoping to have posted these images at the end of last week but seem to have been busy doing nothing, to be fair to myself I had a birthday along with one of my photobuddies, a few visits from friends and relatives, and of course looking after the lovely cats.

Yellow Glow



Late Bloomer

One For The Birds


Colour Palette 

Catching The Rays

On The Brink

18 thoughts on “Autumn Arboretum #2

  1. Shminke

    I just read this post. So happy birthday to you, Art! No matter when your bithday was! 😀 Be healthy and wealthy! Ha-ha! Well, I wish you will make your darkroom soon and you will be happy with it!

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Alena, had a good birthday weekend, a few beers, some food and saw a friend playing acoustic blues in the pub. Hopefully I will get the darkroom going in December, have bought some paper developer and have lots of negatives to print.

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      1. conspicari Post author

        My friend normally plays in a band (electric) Americana style of music, so it was great to hear him playing acoustic blues, such talent. Yes, December is nearly here, so much tidying and rearranging 😮 to do to get that darkroom up and running.

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      2. Shminke

        I can understand you. I have now almost everything I need, but anytime I’m going to print or just develop film I carry all the things to a bathroom and as soon as I close the door I understand that I forgot to take something 😀

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      3. conspicari Post author

        😄 Now I have an excuse to forget things because of my age ! but I know exactly what you mean. Really looking forward to printing some negs from my old Rolleiflex, it has a lovely lens, I also have a really old Voigtlander 6x9cm that I haven’t used yet, but will have to scan those negs as my enlarger is 6x7cm max, or maybe contact prints ?


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