The last few weeks have been a bit thought provoking for me, three people I know have passed to the next life, although they weren’t close friends they will be missed. On top of that one my oldest buddies was misdiagnosed with a serious disease, after further investigation all he requires is a straightforward op, phew. So I have been pondering a lot about life and such. Haven’t been out taking many photographs just a few quick digital shots with the Sigma DP1 on my way into town or the local shops.  

The Circus Was In Town

I do like American rigs.

Outdoor Living

Writing On The Wall
Semi HDR

From this morning :-

Leaf Litter

Still Some Green


Not The Comfy Chair

” Happy Halloween “


7 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Heide

    I’m so sorry to read about your sad losses, and that awful misdiagnosis too. Glad to see from the comments that you’re bearing up all right, though. My best to you as always, and a tip of the hat to your lovely photos (as always!).

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      1. Heide

        There is something to be said for having been around the block a time or two, isn’t there? All is well here too, thank you. Take good care, and my best wishes to your friend for a proper diagnosis!

        Liked by 1 person

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