Looking For Some Wheels


Can’t believe it was May 2015 when my car was totalled this is the longest I’ve been without a car since I passed my driving test in 1973. Spent the last few days trawling the internet car sale sites, I don’t want to spend lots of money as the car will have to stand on the road, but it needs to be good enough to take me over to France next year to see my friends.

The main reasons for wanting another car is to get the cats easily to the vets for their annual vaccinations, and Fleur needs her teeth cleaning. Also I want to get out and about more with my cameras to different locations, having being spurred on by some old negatives I found from the Rolleiflex the other week.

Lathkill Dale – Derbyshire
Konica ir750 infrared film.

100 percent crop from the above.

Portmeirion – North Wales
img022 TriX #2 Adj copy
Kodak Tri-X
Where they filmed The Prisoner TV series.

Barry Island – South Wales – Steam Engine Graveyard
img028 PanF #3 Adj and Red copy
Ilford Pan F
This is a really old one from the 1980’s. Fortunately most of the Steam Engines were rescued and can be seen running on the many preserved railways around the UK.

Well back to searching the internet for a car. Have a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “Looking For Some Wheels

    1. conspicari Post author

      Didn’t think I’d last out this long. Because of my age I get a free off peak bus pass, that softens the blow a bit. All the walking has kept me fitter, but I’m getting bored with the same old routes.

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  1. juergen61

    Hope you find a cheap one…my Audi sleeps in front of the house..since 3 month…we have a wonderful autumn and i ride my mountain bike in Hamburg….and take the train to Berlin…
    Best regards, Jürgen

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  2. Heide

    Wow … hats off to you for lasting this long without wheels! Here’s hoping you’ll find a good deal on a reliable replacement to your poor totaled car. And in the meantime, how fun to see some of your older work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Heide, I don’t know how I’ve managed for so long, but here in the crowded Midlands nothing is too far away, don’t think I could have done it if I lived in the countryside though.

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