Painting The Town


Met up with the PhotoBudies last week to have a walk around the cultural quarter of the town, and have a look at the new street art going up. Because of the variable weather we have had recently (I guess) they had only just started their artwork, but it was a lovely sunny warm day and it was great to just walk around. I took along a film camera and my Sigma DP1.

Back Of The Funfair

They were setting up a funfair on the park that I walk through to get into town.


I have no idea what this sticker is about, hopefully it’s not too contentious.

The Look

Keep Clear

Be Warned



Hopefully the film shots will be ok, if so I will post them when I get the film developed. Anyway we have another excuse to visit the town and see the new street art and drink lots of coffee.

14 thoughts on “Painting The Town

    1. conspicari Post author

      I view my site on a laptop, it shows “category cloud” on the right hand side, that’s about all I think, except months, but that’s probably not that useful. I’ll check to see if I can include other things.

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  1. Shminke

    I think the sticker is in Russian, still I have no idea what it’s about 😆 I will ask my husband, what will he say.
    I like the look graffiti, great done!
    Interesting photos, Art!

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