Seeing Purple


The weather in my part of the UK has been absolutely awful, it hasn’t stopped raining for days with the added joy of strong winds, there were over 30 flood warnings countrywide  yesterday. The purple I’m seeing are the tips of my fingers and toes, so cold that I got a coal fire going to warm the house up, and my cats have been taking it in turns to sit on my lap to get warm. So I haven’t been out to take any photographs, looking through the archives I found a few images with a Purple theme which prompted me to write this post.

Out West
Took this on a walk with the PhotoBuddies last year, it was so hot, and it reminded me of America for some reason.

Just Down The Road A Bit

Handsome Purple !

Purple Hair
Olympus OM40 – 35mm Zuiko – Agfa Vista 200

Lonesome Purple
Nokia Lumia 930

I worked with a guy who suffered from Chromophobia, Purple in particular made him quite aggressive, probably not a thing to have if you are a Litho Printer, he controlled it quite well, but I never risked wearing a Purple tie.


9 thoughts on “Seeing Purple

  1. karenshootsfilm

    The weather has been soooo rubbish right?! Yesterday I actually felt cold. It is annoying as I too have been taking fewer photos because of the weather.

    Last year it was much nicer in June. I remember because I went on holiday and when I got back all the grass had turned yellow where the UK didn’t know how to deal with such blazing sunshine. I don’t want to boil but it would be nice to not be cold.

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    1. conspicari Post author

      I was hoping to get out and about with my new wheels and take some images, would need an underwater camera these last few days. Yes last June was lovely, let’s hope it picks up a bit next week.


  2. Shminke

    Interesting story, Art! Purple is beautiful for me and the collection of your photos too!
    Cats are warmer than people. When it’s cold in the flat I live I and my cat use each other to get warmth 🐱

    Liked by 1 person

      1. conspicari Post author

        Cats are very good at perceiving our moods. When I split up from my ex my Tom cat (Orlando) stuck close to me and made me laugh by doing silly things, I still miss him.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Shminke

        I remember one thing also, I woke up in the morning and had such a bad mood that I was regretting to wake up but my cat came to me and she was so bright in the sunlight (she is black, white and orange) that she made me smile.

        Liked by 1 person

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