PhotoBuddies – Day Out #1


Now I have my new set of wheels I went out for a drive with my PhotoBuddies to Bradgate Park (interesting Wiki link) It’s been ages since I last visited the park, and I really missed going there.

I took along a film camera and my old Olympus E620 Digital with the standard zoom. We were lucky with the weather yesterday, well it was dry and warm at least. It’s been like late autumn over the last few weeks (it is today) dull and wet, will we ever have a summer this year ?

Tree & Dry Stone Wall

I suppose the one plus point for having so much rain recently is that everything is very green and fresh looking.



Dry Stone Wall Detail

Wild Flowers


Old Rocks

With PhotoBuddy

Some of the exposed rocks in the park are an incredible 560 million years old.

There are some lovely old trees in the park and I can’t resist photographing them, I’ll put them in the next post.


5 thoughts on “PhotoBuddies – Day Out #1

  1. Giovannoni Claudine

    I really like the digitalis (Foxglove) and in the garden, we have different shades from white, lilac, pink and purple… Now they are already faded, I wait for the fruit capsules to be ripe to collect the small seeds. I like to spread the seeds when I go for walks: it’s great to see how they fit and the following year I find hundreds of them on the path to the woods. :-)c

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    1. conspicari Post author

      Thank you Claudine, we have had so much rain here in my part of the UK that it seems to have brought the foxgloves out, it was lovely to see them and it was great to get out into the countryside in dry weather.

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