Solar Flare


It’s been really hot and humid (I can do hot but not humidity) in my part of the UK, approaching 30C (86F) and according to the BBC weather forecast it could reach 34C (93F) tomorrow.

In The Shade
Fleur spent most of the day inside sleeping on an old camera bag, just getting up for some wet food from time to time. Mimi (her daughter) was in the garden under a shady shrub and like her mum just coming in every now and again for food.

The solar flare was leaking light seals (hope it’s not the shutter) on my Minolta X700 film camera, can’t complain really as it only cost me £4.99p a few years ago. This came to light (pun intended) last week after developing a film I had just ran through it.

Operating Table
It didn’t take too long to replace the seals, just a bit messy cleaning off the old ones.

Caterpillar Cafe


These were fine as it was quite shady where I took them.

Light Leaks

The last two images were taken in brighter conditions, I quite like the building shot though.

Went out yesterday and put a roll of film through the camera to test out my light seal repair. Was hoping to develop the film today but the developer was at 30C (90F) The plan is to get up early (if I manage to sleep) tomorrow and hopefully the developer will be at a more manageable temperature.

15 thoughts on “Solar Flare

  1. Heide

    Hats off to you for doing your own repairs! And hats off to you also for these gorgeous images. The one of the tree trunk especially captured my imagination. I hope for once the forecast will be wrong and that it won’t be as hot in your corner of the world tomorrow. Take good care!

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      1. Heide

        I feel sorry also for your lovely cats, buried under all that fur. But at least it’s socially acceptable for them to loll about on the floor, where it’s (presumably) a bit cooler. 🙂

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  2. Stuart Templeton

    I quite like that building picture – the light leak kind of adds to it. Well done you though for doing your own repairs – looking forward to seeing the results. It is too blooming hot though I agree and I don’t blame your cats for flopping.
    Great shots throughout as always!

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  4. Giovannoni Claudine

    Even our cats don’t like such high temperatures. Unfortunately, global warming is not a fairy tale… yet there are those who still have doubts and are skeptical. In Switzerland we have recorded temperatures over 40°, never happened since they started to carry out checks. It is important to leave much freshwater in different places in the house and to allow the cats that go outside, to come back inside when they wish. Have a happy Summer :-)claudine

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  5. conspicari Post author

    Thank you Claudine. Yes the global climate could easily tip to even more extremes, I just hope we can do something to try to reverse/slow the change. I have always fed my cats on wet food with a few biscuits on top it seems to be good when it gets so hot, I also have another semi feral cat who comes in for food, he was pleased to get a bit of shelter from the sun.



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